Thursday, 21 January 2010


Playing around with the earlier images I had of a dead Dragonfly, came across the images again on an old memory stick and thought why not...

Inside Outside

Bit of an old brief here "Inside Outside" I chose to play with the idea of life and birth and what came first the chicken or the egg. It was the first time i used studio if i remember correctly which i felt wasn't a bad attempt. May return to it at some point polish the image off.

Controlled Movement

Phrase: If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound?
These images were an experiment on movement and time, I wanted to capture a single moment of an unnatural occurrence using an expression of the human form to create abstract shapes via the use of flash. Like the above phrase i wanted to show something that almost didn't happen, something that was there only momentarily. The images are largely of personal interest, there is only a small level of post production, the images have been desaturated and maybe the levels tweaked slightly and cropping if i remember correctly.

Butterfly Catchers

I've recently had an idea of doing a project on butterfly catching and the whole idea about cataloguing specimens the whole creatures in glass jars and medical experimentation. Only problem at the moment is there is no butterfly's!! so this may have to stay on ice for a while until then here's a couple images to give you a inkling of where I'm coming from and what my starting point is.

I found this Dragonfly nearly two years ago dead in my garden, probably struck down by one of my cats and the colours really interested me, by the time i photographed it the colours had faded a fair amount but you can still get an idea. the idea of looking at dead creatures reminds me of the work by Tamany Baker and her series "Living with Wolfie" worth looking at seeing as she won the Sony World Photography Awards 2009: Commercial: Conceptual and Constucted. I like the crazed scientist angle so may be open to some experimentation with what I may do. I don't intend to kill the creatures for this project so it could be a long project of hunting hedgerows...

Industrial Material Close Ups

These are just some images i had a little fun doing while doing the Nikon & Calumet brief. there's some really good shapes and form here... definately something for the think tank!

Nikon & Calumet Roadshow!

The Nikon & Calumet Roadshow came to town...

These images are a collaborative of my own, Jamie Ashman, Luke Archer and Khalil Musa's work for the brief that was set for a day project. The question we chose was Industrial spaces for an article in a broadsheet newspaper, unfortunately we were the only ones to submit work from UWE. We did however receive some really good feedback from photographer Tom Miles. He felt that with a little cropping on a couple of images they would be more than suitable for our desired publication.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


A small series on idioms, playing on the combination of different objects to provoke a response from the viewer to decipher the intended meaning. common terms and phrases.


These two images are an example of some of the work included in my first artist book for university. It is representative of the decline in Britain's tree population and how in their construction and form is mimicked in the warped city skylines that have replaced them. the rough aesthetic and imperfections are meant to show the change from past to present, picking up on the idea of what was here before.